CTC Food Safety
HACCP and 6S Management System are two of the most powerful tools in the industry used to control or improve a manufacturing process.

Meeting our customers’ specifications is our prime goal, and HACCP helps us to achieve that. HACCP, or Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, has been used in the food industry for years, and was recently adopted by the USDA for use in all food plants. Its intended use is the monitoring and control of a specific processing point. At CTC, HACCP is a tool used to help us control all important aspects in our process.

6S Management System is another powerful tool that helps us make sure we are meeting HACCP requirements. By developing and sustaining a productive work environment, this methodology is particularly helpful in increasing efficiency in factories as it increases organization, minimizes waste, and enables more accurate procurement processes. The system is based on six alliterative concepts: Sorting, Straightening, Scrubbing, Standardization, Safety, and Sustainability.

CTC practices multiple quality assurance procedures to ensure the customer receives a 100% quality product. Products are guaranteed through laboratory testing, and the industry’s leading quality procedures.