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CTC: Adding Value and Choice to Food Industry Worldwide

CTC’s experience and involvement of dehydration technology and experience has established a respected relationship with our suppliers and customers worldwide. Our manufacturing activity is diverse and provides a variety of food/feed ingredients for the global food and feed industries. We handle from non-GMO Soy products, all types of pumpkin products, nuts, grains vegetables and fruits, CTC is always looking to expand our product list through new business development and partners with our customers and suppliers.

With quality, reliability and competitive pricing, CTC offers our valued clients with genuine, quality products and personalized services with on going support. State of the art processing facility is available to customize our products to fit your specifications.

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CTC Dehydration

Dehydration is the process of removing water from food, thus inhibiting the growth of microorganisms (enzymes) and bacteria by the circulation of hot, dry air through the food.

Dehy Food Ingredient Value: Compare to other food drying method, dehydration only minimally affects the nutritional value of foods, CTC dehydrate foods under most gentle conditions with correct temperature and a reasonable amount of drying time. to produce a high-quality food ingredient.

Food Flavor: During CTC’s batch dehydration process, we combine foods only in the same category - fruits with other fruits, vegetables with other vegetables- each retains its own flavor. Stainless drying tubes, storage bins are careful, thoroughly cleaned before and between each drying process.

No Sulfuring: Sulfuring may helps to preserve the color of some dried foods, fumes from burning sulfur or gaseous sulfur dioxide penetrate the surfaces of foods before they are dried. At CTC, we DO NOT sulfur the foods we dehydration. From nature, keep nature, is the key for the quality control with CTC’s dehydrated food ingredients and other products.

Storage: Dried foods exposed to the air absorb the moisture in the air and become limp. CTC store dried foods in airtight containers and label the contents, and storage the finished products in a dry, dark warehouse.